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Stage 4

  • Teacher participants will discuss at-home activities that encourage more parent/child interaction.
  • Further investigation of current and applicable research as it applies to prenatal stimulation and the SECE baby/toddler classes.
  • Teacher participants will analyze the SECE curriculum in multiple ways.
  • Further study of new “layers” to address the different ages and developmental stages of the children.
  • Literacy and the value of reading aloud to children from birth will be discussed.
  • Further study of teacher observation and the development of intuition
  • Review of teacher participant’s collection of SECE resources.

Teacher Participants continue to receive daily assignments for leading an activity or assisting in the live baby/toddler class. (Practice of team teaching) Teacher participants will also assist in the planning of and delivery of a parent session or a prenatal music stimulation information session.

A brief consultation will be scheduled for each teacher participant during the training period.

Upon completion of Stage 4 training, teacher participants are required to continue to teach a SECE class during the 9 -12-month period before pursuing Stage 5 training. Teacher participants are also encouraged to consider an SECE Practicum course, a Revisiting Stage One course, or retake earlier stages of training.

A period of 9 – 12 months is required before taking the next consecutive stage of training.