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In stage 5 training, teacher participants will review the Suzuki Concepts used to form the foundation of the parent education delivered during baby/toddler classes. Each participant will research quotes which best reflect each concept. This work will be added to each teacher participant’s collection of SECE resources.

    • Discussion of the ‘teach and then foster’ approach, leading to thorough mastery.
    • Updates on current and applicable research as it applies to SECE.
    • Musical integrity is revisited.
    • Teacher Participants will continue discussions on parent education and share ways they have utilized the 7 concepts in their own program.
    • Teacher Participants will work on their ‘reading aloud’ skills and will study resources promoting early reading.

Teacher Participants continue to receive daily assignments for leading an activity or assisting in the live baby/toddler class. (Practice of team teaching)

Stage 5 completes the course work. However, it is recommended that Teacher Participants consider SECE Practicum courses, retake earlier stages of training, or take a Revisiting Stage One course.

A brief consultation will be scheduled for each teacher participant during the training period.